Justin is highly qualified and very knowledgeable in helping to organize your business. Justin is a whiz in Quickbooks and was an excellent teacher in helping me with my Quickbooks skills. He provides very reasonable and professional services with outstanding results. Justin would be a tremendous asset for any company or individual and has my highest recommendation!

Lori Gagnon ‐ 07/03/2013
President, Cash It Now, Inc.

Highly capable firm. Will recommend to others.

Andrew Dicksey - 5/14/2014

Justin Rosen really helped me through the process of getting my taxes in order. As a new homeowner, there were many deductions and procedures that I was unfamiliar with. Justin managed to get my paperwork straight and clearly explained what I needed to know for the next tax year. Thanks, Justin—a 1040‐EZ just wouldn’t have cut it!!

India Perry ‐ 10/11/2013

Last year I started searching for another accountant/financial advisor. I searched the greater South Tampa area to find someone close that could take care of my taxes and answer my financial questions. I found Justin by extensively looking online for someone that had the best feedback from their customers, Justin had the best reviews, and for good reason. After a prompt return of my email and a quick call/meeting, I found I had made the right choice. Justin exceeded my expectations and immediately took care of questions and prep work of my taxes. He even met me in person to personally cover all my concerns when he said he would. It is a rarity nowadays to find such an energetic business owner that will go to such a length for their customers, and even rarer to find someone that will do what they say they will do in a timely fashion. For years I went to the same accountant, every year it became more apparent that his company did not take into account my specific needs and started charging more for less work and took forever. Trying to get a meeting with my previous accountant to advise me on what direction and choices I needed to make was very difficult, and I didn’t feel valued as a customer. So search no further for an accountant, Justin Rosen is on top of his business and the current tax laws that are in place, he will find the best possible solution for you and provide the most personalized service that one can hope for! I highly recommend J Rosen Financial Data Services.

Aaron Kranz ‐ 11/09/2013

Fast, professional and reliable accounting services. Would highly recommend to others.

Alex Miningham - 5/13/14
Founder and President of Discount Park and Drive LLC

Justin a highly skilled accountant and I would highly recommend his services. He is quick and responsive. I often email him at 10pm with questions about my numbers and by 9am the next day he has solved my problem!

Alex Chamberlain ‐ 01/07/2014
President and CEO of EZFingerprints, L.L.C.

Justin has helped me through the whole process of starting up my business and understanding the do’s and don’ts. Anytime I had a question he never hesitated to give me the answer right away. Justin is very knowledgeable on Quick Books (trained me) and kept me on track with the IRS. I have confidence in him with my personal business information kept secure. I have recommended Justin to anyone I know that needed help with their taxes and will continue. Thanks Justin for being there!

Beth Alfonso‐ 02/20/2014
President and CEO of Beths Pet Companions Inc.

Through the past year of working with Justin I have grown to learn everything there is to know about QuickBooks and company financial management. I had no financial background prior to his assistance and now I can knowledgeably present on all aspects of the company’s finances, create customized reports for any number of requests from my boss, problem solve any issues that may come up with ease, and even create a comprehensive budget. I owe Justin for all that I have learned and appreciate the time he has spent to get me to where I am now.

Merideth Henry - 7/15/2014
Chief Financial Officer of Easy Living, Inc. and
Aging Wisely, LLC