Great experience will use for years to come! .... Thank you

Will Arroyo - 5/10/2014

My wife and I have been searching for someone that we can trust to do our taxes for years. We have tried doing them ourselves, and, as ashamed as we are to admit it, have often visited the closest H&R Block just to get it over with. This year we chose J. Rosen Financial Data Services after receiving a recommendation from a friend (and reading some reviews). The entire experience was outstanding. Justin's service was incredible, and he truly made us feel as if we were actually an important facet of his business rather than just another number (like was obviously the case at H&R Block). When doing personal taxes, we've found that the most important factor is to have confidence with your final submission. And unlike every single submission in the past, one thing that we definitively feel about this year's submission is just that, confident. Thank you Justin.

Lance and Bethany Arvidson ‐ 09/04/2011

Extremely knowledgable, very sufficient, great service. Has helped me alot. Takes the pressure off me knowing everything will be done right! :)

Ashlee Macdonald - 5/30/2014
President and CEO of Ashlee's Day Spa LLC

Justin is a definite asset to our business. When we first met our business was growing and needed someone to help with financial statements. We didn't want to hire someone full time and needed someone who was flexible and easy to work with. Justin was a perfect fit! He has helped us with our financial statements, taxes and many other areas and has thus created more time for us to run our business. We would definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking for reliable, trustworthy accounting help.

Robert Olson‐ 03/15/2012
Managing Partner of PCA Concepts, LLC

Justin Rosen is handling our taxes for the second year and my wife and I have been impressed by his eagerness, enthusiasm and knowledge of the tax code. We had returned to the Tampa Bay area and made the decision to change accountants from one in Bradenton. I would wholeheartedly endorse Justin for anyone in the St. Pete and Tampa area as well as south of the Skyway.

He is constantly working to improve himself and is always accessible and available to answer any questions we may have. With the unveiling of his new website, I’m sure that accessibility and ease of communication will only increase. He has adeptly handled the complexities of our tax situation, which involves my wife’s full time job and my self employment and handling of rental properties.

I’d recommend Justin for anything regarding personal and business tax preparation and am certain that his devotion to learning will make him highly sought after by those seeking a knowledgeable financial professional.

Steve Heisler ‐ 09/30/2012

Working with you was a great experience. You were quick, convenient and professional. Thank you for making tax season a breeze!

Amanda Bailey - 9/14/2014

Working with Justin has been great, and I am happy to recommend his services. He has assisted me in setting up a financial system to manage my small business (as well as trained me on how to use it), takes care of my monthly reconciliation, and all of my governmental requirements for the business. He also prepares my personal income taxes. He is honest, friendly and enthusiastic as well as being thorough, accurate and very knowledgeable in his field. He always takes the time to answer my questions, and answers them promptly in a clear and concise manner. My business would certainly not be as organized without his involvement. I will be a client for many years to come.

Anita Harmon‐ 10/04/2012
President/CEO of USA Designer
Deals for Children Inc.

Thank you for your great service. You are a wonderful CPA and very helpful and knowledgeable. I will refer you to all my friends, family and co-workers.

Brian and Tara Taylor‐ 04/29/2011